The Easiest Way to Launch an NFT Access Pass 🚀

Mintdrop gives you all the tools you need to create and launch a community NFT access-pass.

Minting Schedule


Premint Access-list

0 mins : 4 secs

Public Minting

1 hrs : 29 mins : 9 secs

The tools to launch like a pro.

Mintdrop NFTs are a configurable, tradeable access-pass that you launch to your community.

Access Lists

Manage custom access lists via uploads or import from Premint

Mint Groups

Control who can mint when, offer discounts.

Sales Mechanics

Pick from fixed rate, dutch auction, and more.


Add royalties to earn a payout whenever your NFT is resold.

Hosted Website

Let Mintdrop manage your minting experience on our full-hosted service.

Embeddable Widget

Embed the Mintdrop widget anywhere on your own website.

Mintdrop SDKSOON

Query token ownership and more using the Mintdrop SDK.


Airdrop tokens to your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Mintdrop cost?

Mintdrop is free of charge during BETA.


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